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Doll Hospital 


Vintage Doll Restoration

(Betsy McCall above with blush & lips repainted by Sharon Stack) 


Turning back the clock for your precious dolls!


Specializing in the hard plastic dolls of the 1950's & 60's such as:


****American Character 8" Betsy McCall****

Madame Alexander vintage Cissy, Cissette, Elise, Margaret, Margaret Rose, Margot, Binny, Lissy, Alexanderkins & Wendy!

American Character Toni & Sweet Sue

Vogue Vintage Ginny


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Before and after pictures of:

American Character 8" Betsy McCall

Madame Alexander Cissy

Madame Alexander Cissette 

Madame Alexander Elise

Other dolls

Vintage clothing restoration


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